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A New Year Re-Solution, Welcome 2014

It’s only a few hours before the clock hits 12:00am and yes!, It is January 01, 2014.
2013 was a great year, but this year it will be greater as far as I concern on what my plans is. This is just a few set list of the re-solutions or we can say my plans.

First, for my financial aspects (I’m really getting serious about this since August 2013)
1. Provide another source of income
2. Give 10% or more of my tithes
3. Save an emergency fund
4. Invest in an investment vehicle (stocks/equities, mutual funds, etc.)

Second, for the personal/relationship development aspects1. I need some self-discipline (this would be a good start
2. Spent more time with my “THEM”

Last, others
1. Learn to blog
2. Learn some programming basic
3. Finish some course at ALISON
4. Continue my guitar career LOL!
5. Finish my 1st machine

This is an uncommon list of the plans or re-solutions. Last year, I did not have this but I know this will help me to have a some sort of self discipline for my self.

Greater things will happen tomorrow.

Have fun and God Bless us all.