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Development Of Character Part 3

Emulate the values of people you most admire

From the previous post about how we developed our character. First was we learned it from our childhood and second was we learned it by studying it and today is by emulating the values of people we most admire.

What is emulation?
To emulate is to try to be like someone or something we admire. Much of who we are, are determined by who we most admire in our life. it can be our parents, your friend or someone who is already dead but you really admired who is that person was when he or she still lives.

What if you are given a time to spend to the person you most admire, living or dead, who is that person would you choose? Why you’ve chosen that person? What would you will talk about? and why you want to learn from that person.

Also consider why that person will spend a time with you? What are the values that you’ve developed that make you valuable to that person? What makes you special?