Zero To Hero Day 4 – First Five

I love reading if I have the time but as of writing this, I don’ really have some time but through fast browsing and reading from the blogs that I have followed since then. I only list here 5 blogs that I’m currently following to share (and recommend also to follow). Here they are:


1. The Daily Post

If you are a user, you already know about this. They give us fuel to fire up our hearts in blogging.


2. Live to Write – Write to Live

Though I am not a professional writer, they give me something useful to master the craft.


3. Harvard Business Review

I can relate to some of their topics listed in their post, like this one


4. Rich Friends, Poor Friends

This is a blog of my fellow countrymen working abroad, he discuss about Philippine Stock Market Strategies. Before I start this blog, I already following this blog. They have the “PAM” Strategy


5. Lester Pencilhands

Another fellow countrymen of mine. I also love stuffs like drawing and hand sketch though I’m already retired myself about it.


So that’s it, kindly visit them if you want to know them more. That’s all and  have fun blogging!



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