A Quick 3 Points For Developing Best Ideas

Another quick post with few words, it’s been a busy day with my machine design and it’s freaking me out!

I think there is no best place to think a good idea but when you came up in a place where you can think to the level that your mind gives its best then it is the best place to think. Just like thinking inside the comfort rooms. And when?, best ideas rise in times of troubles or when it is too late, the dead line given are already a few days ahead or already in delay.

I can say that developing best ideas is not some sort of luck but it is a skill that can be master through time and taking some efforts. I’ll give three points for it,


1. Self-Discipline

This is not a trait of a person but also a skill to be mastered, once you have self-discipline you are on your way to think best ideas.

2. Hard Work

This will be a back-up for the thinking, if you know you’re working hard you really think at your best (sometimes at your worst). Put some inspirations to this to fuel it up.

3. Experience

Do not stop learning, learn from other peoples mistake. if you’re still young that would be good, as I say look forward!


I hope this will be helpful for you to think best ideas, if you have some other points to share just comment below.

Thank you and God Bless




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