Are You A Hero in Your Home?

Are you a hero in your home who always saves the day?
If your answer is yes, on what way?
What is your superpowers?
And last, who are your enemies?

As a young Filipino boy who loves watching televisions, I grew up fantasizing all the cartoon/anime characters dreaming that I also have a superpowers, defeat my enemies and saves the day.

It sounds cool to be something like the X-Men or the Fantastic-4 but in reality it was so far, yes really far.

In the real world we are heroes in our home in a way we help our family, build relationships, work to earn a living and many activities in life. Though we have not a superpower, our power came inside of us that we must pursue life for a better living. One of the key source of our powers are from our love ones, your neighbor or your pet.

And who are the enemies?
There can be two enemies, the other side of the hero itself or the outside influences of the hero.

Heero Yuy


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