Development Of Character Part 1

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.”
Proverbs 22:6 NLT

Today I will start a 3 part series writing about character development, thanks to the book “No Excuses: The Power of Self Discipline” by Brian Tracy. All credits goes to that book. So let’s start.

The foundation of character development is found in the values learned by a child base on what does it see on his/her environment. Parents has a large influence on the child’s character, parenting requires time and effort to explain values repeatedly as the child grows up. Children also learn from what a parents teach, they also learn from what they see and hear.

They are like sponge that they will absorb anything true or not true and as they grow up they will carry it. Specially for those promises that has been broken by a parent. Such the parent promise to buy a new toy but didn’t buy it. This will have a negative effect on the child.

On the other side when you teach good values, it will be carved on the heart of a child. When this child grows up and do silly things against what he/she have learned from the past, this learned lesson would appear on the back of the mind and will have an effect on the decision-making if he/she will continue that silly thing.

A good example is my family, I live in a Christian family. For us christian faith is not pass to the next generation but it is on the decision of the person. Though me and my big brother grow up in our local church, you can’t say that we are automatically Christians. My parent does not open who was Jesus Christ does to me, it just came way back 2003 that I have accepted my Christian faith. My parents only give some hints direct and indirect like giving, pray and read your Bible.

Now we are on the end of the part 1 and I have one question for you.

What character of you which have a greatest influence which came from your parents?

Happy Children


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