Development Of Character Part 2

Values can be learned as the time goes by.

After our younger years values are being teach to us but as we grow up, we are learning it in different ways.It can be good or bad as long we are able to learn it. Our character is like book that has no words in it and we decide what words we need to put in those bank page of that character book.

If we are true to ourselves who we are, we can able to determine what is our character is. Truth is the key is this part of character development. If we want to improve the weak foundations of our character from our childhood, reading books, listening to audio programs and watching videos can be a good help.

Lets take a look to the character of our firefighters. They are trained to fight fire with all they have got. Firefighting techniques can be useful unless they have the courage to fight the fire. Another is camaraderie, once one fire firefighter got in trouble inside a burning building, another firefighter will go inside and help it.

Do they learn it at home? No. They learned it through time as well for soldiers and terrorist ( I hope you get my point what characters do they have what they fight for)

So starting today say to yourself that you will study and learn from people who demonstrated kind values that you admire.



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