Learn To Teach Yourself


Teaching is one of the best way to learn, it is next to learned lessons from life experiences. It requires time to plan and set the lessons to be taught, outlines that needed to be followed when being discuss in front of the listeners. I have seen this to teachers, church pastors and trainers whom I’ve known. The person who teaches was the first being to learn what needed to be taught. This very common to those professions above.

As for me, today I’m the in-charge 3D CAD trainer for our new members. Though I have a formal training and I know the course outline about it. I change the outlines, the examples, exercises, test and exams. I learn more when I start teaching what I have learned before.

In life we are the teacher of our self and we must take responsibility of it. As we grow up, we learn more and it depends on us if we want to upgrade our selves.

Learn to teach yourself.


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