Endings Are Beginnings

“Then endings are beginnings of beautiful things”

Now that January had passed and February is here, writing for February is the best thing to do as I see for myself.
So I’m still not quitting, I’m still want to learn how to write fast in the keyboard (laughs).

January has been a busy month, I think February will be also. I have just finished the design review 2 of my machine. Now it is on the process of ordering the parts needed to be able to function. While doing some technical jobs, the other part of me was concentrating on  how to write well. To write a book,  what kind of book? I’m still of the process of brain storming to that.

So what did I finished from the month of January 2014? Lets take a look to that

1. I’m still developing this blog (not totally, but learning to blog and write that’s it yet a quite accomplishment)
2. Finished reading “No Excuses! – The Power of Self-Discipline” by Brian Tracy ( I’ll write some review to that)3. Passed  the DR2 of my machine!

January has a nice ending to begin with for the month of February. Tomorrow I’ll attend to a financial management and investment seminar, excited to be there. So stay updated I’ll also write some about it in this blog, financial development things.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day ahead =)


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