IMG Wealth Academy Experience

Last year, was a year of change in the part of my personal finance. After I’ve join an online networking company here and earning a little money back from what I’ve invest. I still look for other countermeasure to be able to earn a side income. Due to I am an information geek looking for tons of resources and websites in the Internet, I’ve found what they call “personal finance”.

In this blog which I’ve found many articles about personal finance and more, also business and investments topics. The author really gave his personal experience about what he have in his niche. The effect to me was, I also start saving some money from my income and yes it is hard, for my part that I only earning below Php15,000 and paying the bills in our home and supporting my family. But the key word is determination and through reading in that blog,I’ve found the IMG Wealth Academy Seminar which was a free seminar about personal finance.

IMG stands for “International Marketing Group
They are one of the biggest and fastest growing financial distribution companies in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines and going worldwide.

IMG Wealth Academy

IMG Wealth Academy is a school that provides total financial solutions to local Filipons and Overseas Foreign Workers.

The first 2 series of seminars of the IMG Wealth Academy is free. Series 1 is about

and you will learn about

  • The X-Curve Concept: The Blueprint of Financial Planning
  • The Six (6) Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How Money Works
  • Investment Strategies
  • How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation
  • How to Create Millions with P1,000/month investments

Then for Series 2 is:

and the you will learn about

  • Types of Goal Setters
  • What Financial Stage Are You In?
  • Powerful Strategies To Achieve Your Financial Goals
  • How To Increase Your Cashflow
  • How To Have a Total Financial Peace of Mind
  • How to Become Your Own Financial Expert / Adviser

I am happy that they’ve reach out my province, even it is only a table talk with Mr. Ricky Reptin and 5 other persons who want to learn from the Wealth Academy. I’m looking forward to be part of the IMG Wealth Academy and learn the hows of personal finance and investments. Looking forward also to be one of their trainers that teach financial literacy to our fellow countrymen.


Many thanks to these persons who inspired me to write this.
Mr. Ricky Reptin
Dr . Jaime Lorenzo Jr.
and last but not the least
Mr. Fitz Villafuerte and his blog Ready To be Rich


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  1. Hi, the next series (after S2) of IMG seminar isn’t free?
    How can I proceed to a higher series?

    Thanks so much.

    • As far as I know, it’s not free. You’ll get it once you become a member of IMG. I’m not a member…yet.

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