The 10 Basic Thoughts of Improvements

February is a busy month for me. Keeping up to date to my project (though it was already delayed), some fund-raising activities in our local church to buy additional musical instrument for the music team, and keeping my self busy in learning and reading books.

Today let me share to you the 10 basic thought of improvements which came from the company I work, this was posted in the training rooms. It is really helpful not just in our work but also in our life. Everything is self-explanatory, I hope this will  help you improve your life more.

The 10 Basic Thoughts of Improvements

1. Forget your conventional way of thinking about production.

2. Rather than looking for excuse of not realizing an idea, look for a way to realize it.

3. Don’t make excuses but negate the present situation first.

4. Don’t ask the full mark, do it immediately even if it is 50%.

5. When you found it was wrong, do not hesitate to correct it.

6. Don’t use much money for your improvement.

7. You will have wisdom when you are in great trouble

8. Find the way to the real cause by asking yourself “why” for 5 times.

9. Collect 10 people wisdom rather than a person’s knowledge.

10. Improvement could be something infinite.


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