Small Struggles Within

In life struggles are just a normal situation, it gives color to the vibrant music of our lives.

It’s been a challenging month after January, after all the planning that I made last December nothing seems to move. Yes, I know that I’ve failed already to some of my list plan and this me freaks out and I am totally burned out (I’m just trying to manage myself). Last January, I already start the 3D design of my very first machine (not excited about it) and I’ve finished it. The design review was approved by my superiors, thanks to them that still have mercy on me.

Out of my job, I’m learning things about online jobs, how to make money using the internet, blogging, freelancing, etc. Why am I doing these things? It is a countermeasure of not going abroad, I’m looking for some opportunity to have some work that has a higher salary compare to my current job. I already join to some Facebook groups that doing this kind of thing and watching them, asking some question and gathering some data about it.

February, I am totally kind of burn out. The wage of being a slave last month was from less Php20,000 to Php0.oo. Well that’s life, money come and go. As of today the cycle continues, I have not enough money to support my THEM*.

One of my plans last year that December, I will visit my grand mother in my father side but things change and yes!, I’m freaking like it. Lola is already on the path of going to the other side of life and all I want is that she’ll meet my girlfriend. A call today from my Tita’s that Lola is not feeling well and my mother said that father will go to the province in Monday. What the!

I have no money.Not enough to buy a bus ticket (back and forth)
Monday-also birthday of my girlfriends father (need to buy some cakes)
I have no money
Not enough to buy one cake that cost Php300.00

This is my little struggles, I also struggle writing this one and it make me feel better.
Beautiful life isn’t?




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