2 Core Beliefs For Having A Good TIme

I am now a quite fan of Anthony Robbins of his Personal Power II. Listening to his audio program make me an eagerness to change but in reality in takes a baby steps for me. One of the assignments of the audio program is write down a 2 beliefs that will empower your goal, committing to it and taking it into action. So for me this is my 2 new core beliefs I think that I’ll have a good time with it.

1. Take responsibility in your life not just in your job,work or business. You can lose it all but there is always something in your life.

I know this is only a basic thought but keeping this in your head create a fuel to do and search more in life.

2. There is nothing to be afraid.


I like this one because I am shy-type person but my first job develop me to be a better one. I don’t care if you’re the most powerful person here in earth. (This is my experience as an employee discussing some reports to my foreign managers).

May this two beliefs that I’ve share help you in your personal development. Have fun in life, stay young and aspiring.


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