A Drummers Heart, A Guitarist Hand

Akosiehm Guitar

When I was 13 years-old, I learned how to play the drums then comes next the guitar. Hitting the drums really hard and loud makes me feel cool those time. But the test of time also hit me as I come up to master the guitar (not really). It was not a commitment or something else but I just feel that the guitar (electric guitar specifically) is my best-friend.

Talking about genre, I don’t have a specific genre but I love metal (technically), though I am a church guitarist (musically) which we play some contemporary christian songs.

About the equipments, I owned 1 electric guitar (the one with me in the photo above that was gave by a friend), 1 acoustic guitar also gave by my father, a guitar effects processor and a couple of picks. I don’t have my own guitar amplifier, but I’ll buy one when I planned to save some money for it.

And as of today, I still feel the beat! Rock ‘n Roll!!!


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