Dunlop Jazz III Pick Revisited

Dunlop Jazz III Pick

This post about the DP Writing Challenge: Object, thanks for the theme that I have something to write. This is not review about the pick itself but a something I want to share to you as a normal being.

This object is an important to some guitar players who use a flat pick. This is like their paint brush as they give a stroke to the strings of a guitar. I think this object is the bridge between the guitar itself and the guitarist (if they use a flat pick)

And as for me, it is also an important object as a guitar player. Locally this kind of pick cost a 1kg of rice a piece and I’m currently using a red one for 2 years (switching with the black one on the photo above).

If someday you see a guitar pick, say to yourself that you have found one of the treasures of  a guitar player ( if they use a flat pick, like Jazz III)


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