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Throw Back The Pen

I’m not good in writing, I just fell in-love to it one day in my life.

In my early days of playing guitar, I learn how to write a song in the wall. I’m really inspired that time that I’ve borrowed a marker from my class mate and write something in the wall. I never recall the words that I’ve written on that day, all I know that was my first time to write something creatively from my mind.

Influence of my writing was came from some local bands here in the Philippines like the Eraserheads, Rivemaya and Parokya ni Edgar. I have written few love songs during my high school years and my college years and though I still have the copy of the lyrics that I have written, the problem is that I can remember the tune or melody.

When I step on my second year of college, I formed a band and we named it PATMOS. In our college days until to present we play some cover songs and wrote our own original composition. The main song writer was our lead vocalist which is a female, the genre we play was from pop to metal.

I wrote one song for our band and I really reflect to it in this post. The song was entitled “I See You Somewhere”, and it was written way back May 2008. The song was originally written using a pen and paper and some notes that inspired the song to be written and arranged by me.

It take me 4 years before I start to record this song and the it was successful for me, it was my first song to be recorded without the help of my band. Thanks to the technology of  audio recording today that I can write a song and record quickly. The song was recorded last November 2012.

Today, I’m throwing back the pen to this. =)

Thanks for reading and if you have sometime listen to my track below