Least Favorite Passion – Technical Reports

In my field of work, we design machines and conduct tons of trial and errors just to prove that it will work in the end. Everyone was happy doing the job except for one. Conducting technical reports regarding a specific part or process in the design.

It is the least favorite job due it consume time, rather than focusing in the design. All focus now is the report which is needed by the manager. Eventually when you reach the conclusion of the report and it is now ready for checking and approval, the comments will be something like these:

  • Re-conduct the experiment
  • Additional problems will evolve as the checking is being done
  • Evolution of another report
  • Present it like the person will check the report is a grade schooler

The passion about this job is the analyzing skills that we’ve earned at the end. It is like all the thorns of life was release from you after the approval was done. Success!!!


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