Proudly Pinoy!

Today I add the an image widget that represents me as a Filipino. Due to my curiosity about the image that I have seen from some Filipino bloggers here. I found out that it can be use for free for all website and blogs that handle by a Filipino.

Here is the logo of Proudly Pinoy
Proudly Pinoy!

The logo was from the logo competition way back June 2007 and it was launch on the date of our Independence Day, June 12.Many participants joined the event but there was only one winner that time, Mr. Joe Talisic.

I can say that the Philippines is third world country and majority of all our politicians are corrupt (those are some of the negative sides). Yet, I am still a Filipino and I’m really proud of it, eating some balot penoy and isaw while drinking palamig. Riding at the tricycles and jeepneys. As the Department of Tourism promotes “It’s more fun in the Philippines” and it is really fun!



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