If I Would Write Something Today

If I would write something today, I’ll write about my financial life. I already learned some nice lessons about money management and investing since last year. My plan is to invest in some investment vehicles and continue learning. The problem, cash flow is less and I’m really freaking out about it. I hate this life earning just enough to support this kind of life. The countermeasures, wasted time planning about and not applying all of it due to little cash flow.

Going abroad is the last resort for the countermeasures and until today I’m thinking for more countermeasures just to earn extra money! Last August 2013, I joined an MLM company hoping to earn some but the result was failure. On the other side if that many opportunities came and I joined again an MLM company, the result was failure.

So my curiosity really sticks in the mouse of the computer clicking anything and everything I see in front of my monitor. After the MLM’s I was engaged to finance things like budgeting, investing and giving. I didn’t join any group who sells products except I planned to buy some books and attend some seminars, this was happening between last November until December 2013. The Christmas bonus and the 13th month pay gave me a fire that I can afford those I planned to buy but in the end nothing.

In the last two weeks of December 2013, I was amazed in blogging and virtual assistance dreaming that I can earn some money for it. I start my own personal blog using WordPress.com in the last days of 2013 and joined a paid online course on becoming a virtual assistant (I’m happy that it only cost me less P1000). I also joined a PTC site that was also less P1000. After 2013, only few coins were left in my coin purse and my wallet as usual “empty”.

Then in the first weeks of January 2014, I start blogging about personal development. This time, I stick to some guys named Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. It takes time to put words on the monitor so I just followed some writing prompts from the WordPresss.com and connect it to personal development.

As of today, I’m really burning out. My wallet is empty again.


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