What I have Learned about Goal Setting

Way back on my high school days, one of our teachers taught us how to set goals. She said that, set long-term goals and short-term goals. The goals that she talks about were goals of being as a students. Long term goals like to finish our education and short-term goals like taking enough review of our lessons and passing the examinations.

These were the lesson that I have learned about goal setting when I was high school. Stepping up to my college years, I face it without any goals but thanks to God that I’ve graduated in time.

Today goal setting for me is vital, without clear goals my life and specially my job will be a disaster. The following are three lessons I’ve learned about goal setting. Thanks to my job experience.

1. Setting a deadline, timeline or target date

Goals are dreams with deadlines, think it is project that need be finish on time. In my field of work, Japanese doesn’t care about what or how you will do the work. They will just ask “when finish?” or “finish you?”

2. Making a plan or a task list

After setting up a target date, a plan is needed to achieve the target goal. In making plans, I’ve learned 2 strategies here, first is the regular planning which is all dates are filled with all what need to do list. Second, the irregular planning here we plan base on the results of the first task that what we have done and 2 task are prepared after this it is either continue to the next task or create a countermeasure if the first task fails.

3. Implementing and following through in the plan

this is the make or break of the goals that have been set. If the regular planning was used, one must be consistent to follow through base on the plan and if the irregular planning method was used, preparation of countermeasures is important in able to achieve the set goal in time.


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