Controlling (Design) Failure

Today was a hard day for me, now that I’m on the process mechanical assembly of my first machine. It was already 70% overall finished, the remaining will be done on some adjustments and repairs needed. This part of the machine assembly was freaking me out but it is normal in my job to have some little failures. I’m trying to control it like I want to throw all the parts that had a design problems!

This writing is not about the design problems of my machine, this is about how I control my madness against failure. As I said earlier, it was normal on my job to have some little failures or mistakes but we learn from it technically. How about emotionally?

Technical persons are not that kind of emotional when they are on the field of their work specially production engineers that work in a Japanese company. These people strive for something better though they always think negatively, and I hate it.

Controlling failure is not bad but the outcome of this will be stress and yes, I was heavily stress after work. Thanks to the barbecue and some rice which absorb my stress. =)

If a person want to control some little failures that he/she face everyday, this is my tip for them:

1. Breathe Deeply, Relax and Calm Yourself

Controlling some failures will put you into your thresholds that’s why breathe deeply, relax and calm yourself. Take a time to move away from the thing that has a failure on it. Procrastinate sometimes.

2. Think Positive and Know Your Wanted Outcome

Majority of my fellow production engineers are negative thinkers even our senior supervisor. Base on my 2 years experience of this kind of job, they said that this will empower you or create a motivation to do more. In my opinion, I think so maybe yes? or it would be better to ask positive or empowering question rather than negative ones. If a person really know what he or she want, he/she will get it.

Controlling failure is like riding in your car on rough road, take it easy and it’ll end soon.



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  1. This is great! Very helpful. Yeah, Breath deeply indeed.

  2. I cry whenever I fail, that’s how I control it, hahaha! It’s true, it’s easy to delve on the negative side of things when we fail. Your number 2 is my favorite because it’s hard to look on the positive side and it’s easy to forget our desired outcome. And I agree with you. Thinking negative thoughts rarely (if not never) empower us. It does the opposite. Thinking positive and focusing on what I really wanted to achieve worked great for me. And I know it did on you too that’s why you wrote about it. 😉

    Great article by the way! I hope to read more like this from you. 🙂

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