Procrastinate or Quit?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about these two things and thinking what would be better to choose from? I know its kind of weird to choose from two negative traits and judging them who is the best. When you read books and listen to some authors who teach success or productivity, mostly they gave tips to overcome these two negative traits. How about embracing these negative traits and use them for your own success in something, like what I’m doing now.

So lets judge these two negative traits base from the following:

1. Negativity
2. Flipitivity (how can you flip negative to positive)


To delay or postpone action or put off doing something (thanks to Google).


Procrastination kills time and we all know that “time is gold”. Filipinos loves to procrastinate a.k.a. “Mañana Habit” it is a Spanish word means “tomorrow”. Procrastination leads to quitting and quitting leads to failure.


On my past post I talk about to think positive and one of my positive thinking is to “procrastinate better sometimes”. I use this when I’m already on threshold rather than to push myself, I choose to stop and delay more and laugh a little. This kind of procrastination doesn’t lead to a failure but a learning  opportunity to gain some ideas.


To leave, vacate, exit, depart from or withdraw from (thanks again Google)


A 100% negative word, quitting is giving up and vice versa. If I relate quitting in a negative sense, for me it’s like stopping your breathing and that would be the end. Quitting ends in failure or tragedy.


Many known persons used quitting to gain success in their life and they achieved it. Quitting is really flipitable (or profitable) if use properly. Quitting can be our stepping stone or our tombstone. I rarely quit but I’m looking forward to use it this year as a stepping stone.

That would be all for these two, if you have some thoughts to share leave a comment below…

Procrastinate better sometimes and step on your quitting stone!


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