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Wrong Decision

This is my first post for the 500 word challenge, I am excited to share something from me and it’s all about decision.

wrong decision is the father of learning

Today, it was my plan to buy a new or used laptop. The laptop will be my personal writing medium due to my PC now is a public utility computer here at our home.

I decide to go to the other town, our capital city which is 40 kilometers from my town, Mariveles.

The plan is to sight some computer shops, judge the laptops that on sale and buy it. This is the one and only goal for the day.

The day is fine, it was a sunny day, the temperature it above 30 centigrade. An air-conditioned bus is suitable for the transportation. Though it is only the one means for a fast and convenient transport here.

If you continue reading up to this part, you’ll know why it was a wrong decision.

Today is a holiday in the Philippines, it is Maundy Thursday a part of the Holy Week that the Roman Catholics here do some “pasyon”. In short there no work, and some establishments are closed!

Though I know that it was a holiday and some business are closed due to they are on vacation in their provinces.

I still continue with my plan.

When I arrived at our provincial capital, which is the one city in our province guess what, what situation welcomed me?

The computer shops are closed. (I’m really glad, and freaking out!)

I admit that today was a failure and I missed my goal to have a new laptop.

In the end, I’m look like a child who complaint about the holiday because it was my only day to travel to the capital city. But it was my personal responsibility, it was my decision so complaining is non-sense at all. I’m just putting some negativity on myself.

Wrong decision leads to failure, and failure leads to pain but without pain you’ll never learn a single lesson. Sometimes wrong decision also¬† leads to something better without leading to any pain, but I think it is only few.

Personally, for me decision-making is hard. That’s why I think deliberately about it except from what I’ve done today. It is hard if the situation is life threatening but it is still hard if thinking is needed.

I did not think what will happen today. I just decide to go, though I have a plan but it was not totally a plan at all. Result was I spend money that was supposed to support to buy myself a new laptop, waste a time on travel back and forth and the effort.

If necessity is the mother of all invention, I think wrong decision is the father of learning specially for adults. Sometimes, we make wrong decisions in our life and we learned from it, we grow due to it and expand more until we move away from the habit of making a wrong decisions.  We now hit our goal or our target exactly from what it is from our plan.