Non Sense Problems

Recently, the topic after dinner with my parents, including my brother and his wife was the problem with the old lady we have hired to hilot (a Filipino word) one of my mother’s friend which live in the town proper.

The problem was that the old lady that was hired getting some advance payments and free fare trips from my father and my brother’s wife. My mother said that the old lady must be paid after when the hilot was finished.

While listening to my parents and to my brother’s wife about the problem. I just comment that “what if you get a new person to do the hilot and forget the problem that was already occurred”, yet the conversion continued. I left the dining table.

In our life, part of it is having problems, tons of problems and some of them will be non sense at all.

Why do I need to waste time thinking about what that old lady did? I know that my parents and my brother wife is a little bit concern on the situation, they just waste their time talking what the old lady did. I just gave a solution.

My mom solution is to reproach the old lady.

Non sense problems waste our time in thinking about them and there are two types of it that I’ve known base on my personal experience.

Why do we need to think other persons problem if we’ll not benefit from it?

First, is why do we need to think other persons problem if we’ll not benefit to its solutions? I know that problems make s us a better person, it give us to think and analyze but sometimes we must also think practical in our own lives that we also carry some baggage of our own problems. Example of this are the problems of the known artists in the show business industry, they share their problems in the media and what would be the reaction of the people watching it? They will sympathize to it, share it to their friends and relatives and in the end who will benefit?

Thinking past problems are just a waste of time

The second type is taking some problems from the past and thinking it on present time. My girlfriend always fight about this, as Tony Robbins says “the past is not the future” and my girlfriend would add “it is the reference”.  Thinking some problems from the past is just a waste of time and mental energy and sometimes it will end in bad results.


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