Responsibility and You

It is our decisions that make up our results in the end of the day

Last Saturday, when we leave our office we scan our I.D.’s in a log-box. It is consisted of a computer set and a scanner which scans the bar code in our company I.D. One of my fellow staff scan his I.D. repeatedly until the log-box hangs. As a result, his name remain on the monitor even when other I.D. was scanned, the log-box read it but not register the name on the monitor. Some of my fellow staff scanned their I.D.’s once and me also and leave the company.

After 2 days, I am belong to the staffs which has a forget to log-out on that day that the log-box hanged (thanks to my fellow staff, such a kind guy). So as a standard operating procedure for those persons who forgot to log on that day, we file a forget to log-out form.

This issue was reported to our supervisor, and he informed us that the second time of forget to log was a disciplinary action. Then he asks “why we have forgotten to log-out”, I answered him “the log-box was hanged due to …”  and he interrupt me that there was another log-box on the other building, why we didn’t log-out there.

I’m upset in this situation but I did learned my lessons. I’m angry with my fellow staff on what he did on that day but on the other hand it was also my responsibility to think other ways to do log-out myself to be able to leave the company.

Darren Hardy says in his book The Compound Effect that we are responsible of what we do, don’t do or how to respond. We are 100% accountable in our choices.

It is our decisions that make up our results in the end of the day. We are no longer responsible if we point fingers and blame other for the results we have done. Be responsible in all your choices and decisions.


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