A Little Experiment (Shotgun Approach)

While doing this post, I’m trying to write while listening to some metal music. It doesn’t help but on the other hand I’ll experiment with this.

I also timed myself for 30 minutes to write with a target of 300 words for this post. I hope to find my voice like the metal music I’m listening to.

So what’s all about this writing?

I just want to write out from myself though my English is something horrible due to the influence of those Japanese in my work that don’t even know not to speak English fluently but my manager study some Filipino language.

I never love writing like this except writing some songs way back on my school years. I’m really inspired those time and now I am expired! But not totally expired, I write songs seldom when I have some ideas in mind write it on paper and all is history.

You’ve got also to try to write while listening to some music. It can be helpful just look for a good music not like me who like metal music.

This experiment is my development of my writing skills, thanks to this site and it give me some insights to write more even life is busy at work. You can also enroll in this site for free!

Learning is infinite, I only appreciate it after I graduated college and failing the board examinations for my profession.

If you already in this part of my writing, I want to thank you for giving a little chance to read my “shotgun approach” of writing. Now that you’ve learned a new approach of writing you can use this as well in your future writing.

I call this shotgun because like a shot gun, everything scatter around in a blast.

I need some content to find my voice out here,

Thank you very much!


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