Overcoming Writer’s Doubt

There is power in writing

I read very well and I love but when it comes to writing post in my blog it takes time for me to write something good. It is a challenge.

This post is about the writing contest by Positive Writer, Overcoming Writer’s Doubt and I’m participating to it.

I’m not a good writer due to my grammar is something horrible or below normal. I just want to speak my voice thru writing something good or something random. Writing for me is like releasing all the bad energy that’s what I do from my past journals which I hand wrote everything.

So how do I overcome the writer’s doubt? I overcome this due to the following:

1. I want to write what I have learned from what I read from those personal development books and blogs. I am production engineer and part of my job is improvement. Reading (mostly)and writing (sometimes) everything inspire me more rather than doing nothing or implementing it. There is power in writing.

2. It is a challenge to write in English language, I am a Filipino. “Ang hirap kaya magsulat ng English” or It’s very hard to write in English. It is not my native language yet it is fun. Fun = Writing in English, and it is more fun if I write ii our native Tagalog but there is no challenge to it maybe some grammar also in creating sentences.

3. As a musician, I also fall in-love on making some love song, crazy songs and underground songs. The fuel for song writing is inspiration to write something and creating a melody and harmony along with the written words. Pen + Paper + Instrument = Song.

4. Last, if ever I switch a job I want to be a writer. A published writer of books about something random. If a picture paints a thousand words then a word can illustrate a millions of picture.


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  1. Great post! I agree. 🙂 I like how you ended your article. I wish you all the best on your writing endeavors. Keep on writing! 😉

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