Monthly Archives: May 2014

Normally Negative

Why do some people are normally negative beings?, what is their point of being negative in saying a word and question? Do they know that they are wasting energy to be able to say something that doesn’t give sense at all?

As I observed my life, my love ones, my office mates and other people that surround me that most of the time they are negative. They talk problems and discussing the problems more, why not talk the solution.

Instead forget the past, they just talk about it. I know we can learn from our past but it is better to look ahead and don’t waste too much time reminiscing the past.

Humans are normally negative not just in thinking, it can be also in health, relationships, finances and work life. I am also a negative person normally and I know it.

So how can we change our negativity to something positive and will use our energy to something good.

1. Think positive and choose the words you say to other and to yourself.

2. In asking questions, ask empowering question. Most of the time people asks negative approach question and what would be the answer, it will be also negative.

3. Do not hope for something, expect it and if doesn’t work, do #1 and make a new approach

4. Read something positive and will develop yourself, your skills and talents. Invest in yourself.

5. Do not stop and never give up the life of being a positive person.

Normally we are negative but if you choose to be a positive people, you’ll be happier and enjoy life. You’ll attract, positive things, positive events in your life and if problems arise, don’t forget #5 in the list.

Life must be live positively, negative thinking only waste the time and energy that suppose to be focused on better things to come.