April Rain

Today is the last day of April 2014 and it’s raining! April rain and I’m not happy with it. It is supposed to be summer and there no raining this month.

No one can blame the weather.

Rainy days are happenings that we must prepare of, like the one I have said that I’m not happy with it. Why?
Our house was not in good situation and it needs total repair. One hit of tropical storm cannot withstand by this house. I’m sad and frustrated about this situation.

Countermeasures are being done since last year, and yet the movement of the plan was slow. I have goals and plans but consistency was my problem, like this one, consistent writing in this blog.
Financially we can’t fund the renovation because it needs 6 digits and I can’t even save some from my salary (though I try my best yet still it was not my best).

This April rain makes my heart beats faster because I am not in love with it but due to the nervous breakdown that was attached to me when I’m here at our beloved house and it’s raining!

I want to freak out!
Oh, Good LORD have mercy on us!

One of my plan is to become a freelance writer, that’s why I’m doing this kind of thing even my English proficiency was not good at all. I need to do something instead of waiting for a miracle.

Great miracle happens when you are prepared, and I’m doing that today. There are more rainy days to come and I know it is more than this.
Let us prepare for the rainy days, this was a common term in personal finance to save 2 to 3 months equivalent of your monthly income. (and I don’t have this yet!)

Rain, rain go away, come again another day!


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